The Quick and Dirty “How to Maintain Your Truck” Guide

March 13th, 2021 by

Trucks are resistant to all types of terrain, but they also need to be cared for!

As a future truck owner, one of the most important things that you should do is protect your investment by correctly and periodically providing routine maintenance. This is very true if you will be using your truck for work, off-roading, or other very demanding activities.

In-depth maintenance should be done by professionals, especially if it involves one of the most critical and complex parts of the truck, like the engine, suspensions, etc.

However, some maintenance can be done at home with common tools, like changing a light bulb or topping up the tire air pressure.

It is important to keep tabs on any changes you notice so minor problems can be looked at by a professional before causing significant damage.

To avoid this, the car experts at House of Cars Medicine Hat have prepared these recommendations for you:

  1. Engine Oil: Make sure to check the amount and quality of the engine oil in your truck, as too little could mean that the individual pieces of moving metal are grinding and gradually losing their shape, destroying the engine from the inside.
    Oil that is too old could become very thick and gooey, clogging up the moving parts of the machine instead of helping them move freely.
  2. Coolant: The coolant level should be checked periodically, especially during times of a lot of temperature change like the beginning of winter and summer.
    If your truck is missing coolant, it could overheat during the summer, thus making it unusable until it can cool down on its own, or the metal parts could become very brittle during the winter, possibly causing severe engine failure.
  3. Brake fluid: The most important part for your safety as a driver and any passengers is the braking system and its proper function. Brake fluid must be in good condition and be enough to promptly respond from the brake callipers when pressure is applied to the brake pedal.
    Regular maintenance is the key to ensure your truck will have a long and prosperous life, thus protecting your investment and making sure you are never in danger of a failure-caused car accident.

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